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Supplier Management Course
A 2-Day Class from the Ontairo Institute

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A 2-Day / 2 Credit Course from the Ontario Institute

Jan 30-31, Mississauga, Ontario

Supplier Management can no longer be managed as an isolated function, driven by a 'price per' mentality. Exciting and valuable changes have occurred by leading professional on how to management Suppliers to gain better outcomes for the whole chain.

Modern practices address what we call out come sourcing and focus on Total Sourcing Costs, which include the wily transportations costs within. Doing sourcing without gaining the whole picture misses the point. If you source from another nation and then can't get time critical parts to your market on time-you need another strategy.

Who Should Attend Supplier Management

  • Sourcing and Procurement Professionals
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Sale Managers who interface up the chain

What you will learn and Class Take-aways:

  • Best practices today in Supply Management
  • The Total Sourcing model -- what are the elements that have to be accounted for?
  • Managing for outcomes -- how to work in this new model with your trading partners
  • Current technology providers
  • A framework for evaluating Supplier Management Vendors
  • Great case studies!!!!

To register, contact:

Amy Nixon
416-977-7566 x2133

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