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SoftMatch RFID Solutions Conference
The Premier RFID Conference for Decision Makers

This 6th RFID Solutions conference which is being held in Toronto, October 4-5th, 2006 is the premier independent conference in Canada for decision makers who need to understand Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, standards and mandates and how to make the right choices about investing in this technology for their organizations and trading partners.

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Time required (minutes)

 What you will learn about


Course Overview by
Dr. Dan Dobkin*


Objectives, features, and expected outcomes of this course


1. Introduction to RFID and
2. History of RFID


  * The differences between RFID and other forms of automated identification, such as bar codes
  * The benefits of using RFID technology in various applications
  * How RFID technology has changed since its early uses in the 1940’s
  * What might be in store for RFID technology in the future.


3. Technology Basics, Part 1: Physical Components of RFID System


  * The elements of an RFID system
  * The differences between low, high, and ultra-high frequency, and the applications they are suited to
  * Different ways that tags are powered by readers, inductive and radiative coupling, and the applications they are suited to
  * The differences between active and passive tags, and the applications they are suited to
  * How real-time location systems (RTLS) work and they can be used to track objects over a wide area.


4. Technology Basics, Part 2: Reader-Tag Communication


  * How to put together a complete RFID system
  * How to find the tag read range, and the importance of tag orientation and polarization in reading tags, through "mouse-on" experience in our exclusive YouTag Virtual Workshop.
  * Practical considerations in assembling tagged cartons into a readable pallet
  * The data protocols most commonly used in tag-reader communications and why.


5. Technology Basics, Part 3: Sharing Data Inside and Outside the Enterprise


  * How to turn tag data into information leading to a useful action
  * The role of middleware in filtering RFID data
  * The purpose of databases in RFID systems
  * How data is being standardized for use by enterprise systems and sharing with trading partners.


6. Materials and RF
7. Application Examples


  * How materials being tagged affect the tag’s ability to be read
  * What it means to be RF lucent and RF opaque
  * Which substances fall into which category
  * How different, tagged materials affect the performance of LF, HF, and UHF tags
  * How to select the right technology (UHF, HF, LF, passive, semi-passive, and active) for any application
  * How to position cartons on pallets to enable tag readability, in our YouTag Virtual Workshop.
  * RFID standards associated with RFID technology types, applications, and industries.


8. Securing RFID Data and Safeguarding Personal Privacy


  * Some of the ways RFID data security and the privacy of individuals can potentially be compromised
  * Technical measures to protect data and privacy
  * Measures being taken by industry and government to secure data and protect personal privacy.


9. Implementing RFID for Positive ROI


  * How to determine whether and where RFID can contribute value in your organization
  * Common methods used to calculate return on investment (ROI)
  * The steps in planning an RFID implementation
  * How the evolution of the RFID market is likely to impact your expected ROI
  * How 23 companies in various industries and geographic regions have applied RFID for positive ROI.


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COMPARE to: In-class SoftMatch full-day workshops (costing $995 including lunch) start with an introduction to RFID then explain and demonstrate the science of RFID with hands-on demos, the hardware and software involved followed by discussions of Passive and Active RFID systems. Attendees are given the latest information and insightful guidance about RFID technology, mandates and standards so as to determine the suitability of RFID for their organizations.


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Course Material Experts:

* Primary Subject Matter Expert and Course Host

Dr. Dan M. Dobkin
Proprietor, Enigmatics
PhD, Applied Physics, Stanford University

Leading expert in the physics of RFID, with seven U.S. patents. Author of The RF in RFID, Elsevier, 2007. Consultant and instructor with extensive experience in developing, manufacturing, and marketing communications devices.

Contributing Subject Matter Expert:

Craig K. Harmon
President, Q.E.D. Systems

Globally recognized expert in automatic identification standards, and author of four books on data collection technology. Chair of ISO committee addressing RFID applications in the supply chain; active in ANSI, ITU, ETSI, and EPCglobal.

Contributing Subject Matter Expert:

Louis A. Sirico
Founder, RFID Wizards

Industry recognized RFID innovator, with extensive experience designing and implementing RFID and logistics systems for Fortune 1000 companies and U.S. government agencies. Author and noted speaker on RFID technology, with appearances on CNBC/MSN and Fox News, and at numerous U.S. technology conferences.

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