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Pandemic Preparedness for Businesses and their Supply Chains
Ensuring that Your Enterprise Survives
(and Thrives!) in the Pandemic
We've all heard about the Pandemic - and every day another news story breaks as it looms closer on our horizon. However, most of the focus has been on the response of the government and individuals.... (more information)
by Laura Faught, Mary Lynne Seay

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Pandemic Preparedness Resources
Tools for Business and Individuals to Proactively and Rationally Prepare for the Pandemic

RFID Searches for a Home on the Range Article
While the use of RFID to track livestock is fertile ground for humor, the story in this arena plays out all the issues inherent in any large scale Business Process Improvement (BPI) project but colore... (more information)
by Lonnie Childs

ROI Thoughts on Product Integrity Article
In the months to come, we promise to delve more into the issues associated with supply chain vulnerability and risk - how to mitigate it.

But contemplate these examples. These are not wild
... (more information)
by Ann Grackin

What Noah Knew About the Supply Chain That You Don't Article
Certainty principles can be leveraged to significantly improve your inventory optimization and customer service levels: A simple approach to isolating uncertainty.... (more information)
by By Lucy West

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