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Collaboration Collection
Whether the organization is civic, social, or part of the business community, organizations are entering the collaborative . . .... (more information)

Demand Management Collection
Demand Management has never been more important. From demand creation to marketing automation . . .... (more information)

Perspectives on the Cloud Collection
"The Cloud" - everyone is talking about it, and as more and more vendors pile on using the term, it seems to have . . . ... (more information)

Research on RFID, Auto-ID, Location-based Services, and Sensor Based Solutions Collection
RFID is one of those technologies that has as many potential uses as can be imagined. It has been used across virtually all industries and myriad applications. We've seen dramatic reductions in cost a... (more information)

Social Networking Collection
Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) is rapidly becoming an essential element of business to business communications. Unlike social networking in the consumer population . . .... (more information)

Sourcing and Procurement / Supplier Relationship Management Collection
How a company manages its suppliers makes a huge difference in profitability, performance, and the continuity . . .... (more information)

Supply Chain Orchestrators and Federated Business Models Collection
The following articles and presentations cover the concepts of the Federated Enterprise and the role of the Supply . . .... (more information)

Supply Chain Risk Management Collection
We have gone through a revolution in supply chain, reducing cycle times, greatly reducing inventories, and outsourcing manufacturing to lower-cost regions resulting in tremendous improvements to perfo... (more information)

Transportation Management--Who Pays? Article
Understanding pricing in the transportation market is difficult for buyers. But the more sobering question is: will the TM market follow other sectors with giveaways and freeware? ... (more information)
by Ann Grackin

Warehouse Management Collection
Warehouse Management continues to be a critical function in the global supply chain. Many innovations continue . . . ... (more information)

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