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Supply Chain Professionals

Supply Chain Professionals

The stakes have never been higher for the Supply Chain Professional. You have to be on top of your game, facing challenges such as:

  • Managing supply and demand in a highly volatile economy
  • Dealing with global supplier risks across multiple tiers and geographies
  • Selecting and quickly gaining value from an array of available technology
  • Collaborating with trading partners
  • Effectively managing professional talent and organizational dynamics

Typical Client Engagements

Technology Awareness

Users often have challenges with creating and managing their technology portfolios. Although they may have strong partnerships with their IT organizations, they may not be up-to-date on the recent developments in the market. ChainLink’s seminars, webinars, and publications are popular and affordable options for our clients of all sizes.

‘Future Forward’ Technology Strategy and Selection, and Business Process Roadmap

Future Forward Models pervade our research. ChainLink helps our clients explore and assimilate emerging—but validated—best policies, practices, performance, and enablers. We consistently demonstrate our ‘ahead of the curve’ knowledge by uncovering practices that the leading companies are doing today, through which they achieve superior, demonstrated results. We help our clients incorporate those practices and technologies that are destined to emerge as best/dominant practices. These are infused into practical discussions and projects with our clients to help with technology selection and the selection of the roadmap forward.

Strategy and Workshops

Idea-generation and transformational outcomes are hallmarks of ChainLink’s workshops. ChainLink’s workshops comprise a vital link in the chain of innovation and are typically attended by the individuals responsible for leading transformational efforts in their organizations.
Strategic planning needs powerful ideas, so our workshops are designed to produce outcomes that are catalyzing and energizing to the stakeholders. We are able to do this because of expertise in crafting and conducting events, and our deep domain knowledge, research, and hands-on personal operational experience in global organizational leadership.

We structure our workshop agendas to educate, infuse, and create awareness of new ideas or new thought modes, inspiration, and learning about role models and cases studies. We help participants share and generate ground-breaking ideas that work in the real world, by creating an environment for brainstorming free of the usual constraints, using thought models and open space to generate the outcomes sought. At the same time, we bring decades of experience necessary to understand the client’s existing situation and ensure an achievable path to the desired “to be” state. Each element of the workshop is engineered to produce the specific outcomes sought by the sponsors and participants.

ChainLink can help you with challenges across the full range of supply chain disciplines and activities, including:

  • Logistics
  • Demand Management
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Technology Assessment and Adoption
  • Performance Management

ChainLink brings industry specific experience and expertise to our client engagements. To discuss working with ChainLink please contact us.

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