Inaugural issue of the brief: Best practices, technology,
new takes on critical business topics from ChainLink Research

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of the brief: Best practices, technology, new takes on critical business topics from ChainLink Research

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Welcome to
the brief
By Ann Grackin

In today's twittering world, short is beautiful. Thus was born the brief: concise articles on best practices, technology, and new takes on business around the globe. [Read More]

Demand Management in the Second Decade:
The Strategic View, Part I

By Ann Grackin                                                                                                    Monday, February 22nd, 2010
From Demand Creation to Marketing Automation, Demand Forecasting, Merchandising and Assortment Planning, Collaboration with suppliers, and managing S&OP, getting demand management right is no longer just an option. In our recent research we asked supply chain executives across industries about their 2010 Supply Chain Priorities. Demand management came out consistently as the highest, most critical priority, and the hardest process to improve. To address this critical need, we are offering an in-depth series here in the brief, exploring the strategic and structural dimensions of demand management.[Read More]

Featured Insights above.  Headlines and Commentary follow below.
A New Performance Standard for Passive RFID: Impinj Announces Monza 4 Next Generation RFID Tag
RFID technology is not so passive these days. Impinj today announced their new Monza 4 Passive RFID chip, setting the bar for performance in RFID read range, RFID read reliability and speed, and low-cost security and privacy features. Impinj's announcement, coming from a high volume sales leader in Passive EPC RFID, changes the buying criteria for RFID.
[February 23rd, 2010] ChainLink Commentary

MIT’s RFID SIG Provides a Unique, Forward-Thinking Forum
You have to be there to experience how MIT’s RFID SIG (part of MIT’s Enterprise Forum) is unique. Convening at MIT in Cambridge every month, new topics and speakers bring unique perception, solutions and opinions, discussion, and demonstrations of RFID, Auto- ID, and Sensing Technologies. From entrepreneurs to big companies in a “classless” classroom at MIT, you can discuss the issues of our industry with many of the pioneers and leaders in RFID. Small fee to join.
[February 19th, 2010] MIT Enterprise Forum

Google Announces 1Gb/sec Fiber-to-the-Home Service
Is this just one more part of Google's plan for Total World Domination (or at least perhaps to become a telecoms company)? Actually this recent announcement is likely to encourage innovation among application providers, openness and competition among telecommunication service providers, and sustained new growth in the telecoms industry.
[February 11th, 2010] Chain Link Commentary
Supply Chain News
New Blog on Lean and Green Manufacturing
We like Dave Turbide. He is a super-credentialed (CSCP, CFPIM, CMfgE, CIRM) Supply Chain thought leader, writer, and consultant to many of the leading manufacturing organizations. Check out Dave’s new blog at the link below.
[February 10th, 2010] Lean and Green Manufacturing Blog

Government & Global Trade
Record US Debt has China Worried
The record deficit in the recently proposed U.S. Federal budget has reawakened debate in China over the wisdom of holding so much U.S. debt.
[February 18th, 2010] ChainLink Commentary
Getting Immigration Policy Right--Lessons from Australia
Setting immigration policy is a difficult balancing act, with incendiary emotions and cut-throat politics invariably at play. So it’s hard to say with much certainty whether Australia was right or wrong when they tightened up their immigration rules on Monday (Feb 8th) in favor of English speakers and professionals.
[February 10th, 2010] Chain Link Commentary

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