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Welcome to the inaugural issue of the brief: Best practices, technology, new takes on critical business topics from ChainLink Research

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Demand Management in the Second Decade
The Stragic View - Part 2

by Ann Grackin                                                     February 26th, 2010

Multichannel marketing, multichannel retail, pricing and promotions, are challenging both retailers and brand companies. Web retailing is entering a new phase. So is a store’s format, which must employ successful customer experience approaches to create customer loyalty. New retail technologies, such as self-service, mobile marketing and mobile sales, have all moved beyond experimentation. [Read More]

Featured Insights above.  Headlines and Commentary follow below.

RedPrairie Acquired by New Mountain Capital

On the prairie, as in RedPrairie, what impact will the recent acquisition have on the Supply Chain market and customers? Read about it here on our Blog:
February 24th, 2010       Commentary on ChainLink's Blog

The Rising Buzzword Value and Real Value of “Multichannel” Supply Chain Technologies
When Manhattan announced their win with QVC on February 22nd, the headline in the press release was “QVC® Selects Manhattan Associates to Optimize Multichannel Supply Chain Network.” Given that the deal was for Manhattan’s warehouse management and labor management modules, the choice of wording and positioning was a little unexpected, and highlights an important trend: the growing realization among supply chain practitioners that it is critical to do a better job at serving and integrating their multichannel supply chains.
February 24th, 2010       ChainLink Commentary

Supply Chain News
Made in the USA
Tagging Country of Origin is the law, and firms are getting into the act of using this data to not only barcode, but also to make the supply chain more transparent. I turned on the TV and there was an interesting company: Made in USA-Certified, Inc. This addresses a component of a larger problem of transparency needed in business practices and supply chain. For a deeper discussion on this issue of transparency and ethics, click below to see our recent Parallax View article.
From Parallax View on-line magazine

Sourcing in Times of Uncertainty
The highs and lows created by the recent bubble and recession were difficult for even the most adept sourcing practitioners. There are some best practices and innovations that can help deal with not just uncertainty in demand and supply, but supplier failures, commodity price volatility, and supply chain risk. This article from Parallax View provides some fresh thinking on strategies, including proactive supplier monitoring, supplier viability and financing, commodity market intelligence, 'private futures markets', metrics, cost reduction innovations, and 'supply-side differentiation'.
From Parallax View on-line magazine

Government & Global Trade
American Dreams - American Jobs
Jobless claims in the US are on the rise again, see this announcement from the US department of Labor (link below). Yet durable goods sales are up (see CNBC article). And GDP is up a whopping 5.9 % (see Bureau of Economic Analysis). Which re-enforces the so-called jobless recovery scenarios - jobs down and durable goods sales up. In spite of the job numbers, many still believe in America as the path to prosperty.
(For an inspiring example, see this
pod cast).
February 25th, 2010       U.S. Department of Labor

Growing Imports to the US?
Pressures mount on job recovery with job and export growth in India (link below). What’s interesting too, is that in China, investment and borrowing are at such a pace that inflation might clip their wings a bit in export markets, giving India (and maybe the US and EU) a lift.
February 25th, 2010       Business Insider - The Money Game

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