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November 7, 2012 -- Published alternate Tuesdays twice monthly. Next issue November 27

From Silos to Streams
How Social Networking Is Changing the World
By Sree Hameed Wednesday, November 7, 2012  
Social Networking has already changed the structure of some governments. And it has power to change the very structure of the enterprise.
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ERP Now!
Comparisons of Solution Providers and their 60+ ERP Products (Report)
By Ann Grackin Wednesday, November 7, 2012
What a time for ERP! New solutions providers and merger mania have kept this market from being dull. And new technologies - social, mobile and cloud - are the must-have capabilities that keep solutions fresh for existing customers, as well as attract a new generation of customers.

More than 65 packages are profiled in this report, and we know there are more out there. Amazingly, our global economy can support a rich assortment of solutions. And although the number of ERP provider companies has shrunk (for now), the number of ERP users continues to grow, as ERP providers embrace SMBs, even the smallest companies.
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