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Welcome to the brief: Best practices, technology, new takes on critical business topics from ChainLink Research
March 26, 2013 -- Published alternate Tuesdays twice monthly. Next issue April 9
Differentiating Demand Solutions
By Ann Grackin March 26, 2013
Demand management solution providers are challenged to be unique. But with so many new areas to explore, new innovations are emerging that differentiate the providers. JDA, Logility, Symphony, JustEnough, Predictix, NeoGrid, SAP, and others are discussed in this series. [ Read: Differentiating Demand Solutions ]
Manufacturing in the Cloud
By Bill Mcbeath March 26, 2013
What true cloud-based manufacturing systems are out there, what can they do, and what types of manufacturers are they good for? [ Read: Manufacturing in the Cloud ]

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Build It! Beyond the Application
How solutions providers create platform-centric universes.
March 26, 2013   -   Build It! Beyond the Application

Supply Chain News
Wholesale Riding High
Wholesale Distribution continues to grow a bit faster than the US economy. Why? And what Supply Chain capablities should they master in order to continue?
March 26, 2013  -   Wholesale Riding High

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